As much as it is hard to believe, most men lose sexual desire for the same woman after some time. In fact, they even lose interest in sex altogether. 

While this might be hard to grasp at first glance, it has a scientific explanation that will make you understand why this happens and why he would prefer to have sex with Dallas escorts that he hires instead of with his regular partner. 

You can change things around if you want to keep your man happy and satisfied in bed. Here are the reasons for the loss of libido in men: 


Men tend to compartmentalize their lives. This means they separate different parts of their life from each other and don’t allow them to mix with each other. 

For example, the man may have a wife who he loves but doesn’t feel sexual attraction to anymore because he has been working long hours at work and hasn’t had time for sex with her. He may also have another woman who he is sexually attracted to but doesn’t love as much as his wife because she isn’t in his life every day like his wife is. 

This can lead him to lose all desire for either woman because neither one represents everything that he wants out of life such as security and stability through marriage and excitement through an affair. 

Attention Deficit Disorder

Men have a lot more to do than women, and they’re easily distracted by their jobs, hobbies, and friends. Men are easily bored, and they get tired of routine very quickly and need new stimulus to keep things exciting in the bedroom.

Fear Of Commitment

Men tend to be more afraid of commitment than women, and this can make them lose interest in you over time. A reason why this happens as they don’t want to get hurt. If he’s been hurt before by another woman, he may be afraid that it will happen again if he gets too close to you.

He doesn’t want to lose control. If you’re the one who always makes plans and drives forward with your relationship while he sits back and relaxes, then eventually, he’ll start feeling like his life isn’t his own anymore. If there’s anything men hate more than commitment, it’s losing control over their lives. 

Low Self-Esteem

Men with low self-esteem have difficulty seeing the good in themselves and others. This makes them more likely to be attracted to women who are confident and independent instead of needy and clingy. On the other hand, if a man has high self-esteem, 

In Conclusion

It’s much easier to lose desire for someone than to find it again. Men will lose interest in the same woman because of compartmentalization, attention deficit disorder, and fear of commitment. If you want to keep your partner interested in you and sexually satisfied, then you need to put effort into making sure that your relationship stays exciting and interesting.