Yes, it is possible to get a guy who lost interest back. However, it will require some effort and dedication from both parties. This will include listening to each other openly and honestly.

While it’s normal for him to miss small changes in your appearance, a failure to notice major changes could be a sign that he is losing interest.

1. Make him feel needed

Men don’t like to feel that they’re taken for granted. If he feels that way, it’s nearly guaranteed that he will lose interest in you. This is especially true if you become clingy and needy.

This may sound strange, but sometimes a guy simply loses interest because he’s bored with you. This happens more often than you think, and it’s usually not your fault.

You can make him come back by doing things to spice up your relationship. For example, try something a little naughty on date night or send him a surprise compliment about something he doesn’t normally get. These little surprises will help to re-ignite his interest in you. But be careful not to overdo it, as this could be counter-productive. This is important because you want to avoid turning him off completely. Instead, focus on adding value to your relationship and you’ll find that he will naturally come back. You just need to give him space first.

2. Give him space

Sometimes, guys just need space. This can be a huge relief to them and gives them the time they need to review the relationship. It can also help them figure out what they want out of the relationship. If you can give him space without acting angry or resentful, it will be a lot easier for both of you.

Try to distract yourself by meeting up with friends, picking up a new hobby, or working out. This will take your mind off him and prevent you from chasing him. It’s okay to check his social media from time to time, but don’t obsess over it or check it every five minutes.

If you want him back, be patient and wait for him to come to you. Don’t make him chase you because it will only stress him out more and might turn him off completely. If he did want you back, he would have came to you sooner.

3. Make him feel like a hero

Men are programmed to love the chase and get a thrill every time they think they’re winning over a woman. But when they actually get her, their fear of commitment kicks in and they start to lose interest. This is why it’s important to give him space so that he doesn’t feel smothered.

One of the best ways to make a guy feel like your hero is to challenge him. This could be anything from a game of pool to a fun adventure such as paintball or bungee jumping. Challenges will not only help him feel needed but also incredibly special.

Another way to make a guy feel like your hero if you can’t afford to challenge him is to be positive around him. Men hate negative women, and they will lose interest in you much faster than you can say “I’m sorry”. Being a positive person will help you keep his interest and may even turn him back into your hero.

4. Make him miss you

Men can get disinterested in their relationships for many reasons, including too much drama, fighting too often, or simply feeling like they are not interesting anymore. But, if you can make him feel needed, give him space, and make him feel like your hero, then you can rekindle his interest in you.

Remember that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Try to spend some time away from him and do things you enjoy on your own, like taking a class or getting a new haircut. And, be sure to post photos of yourself enjoying your life on social media so that he can see you having fun without him.

The hero instinct is deeply rooted in male biology, and if you can tap into that, then you can make your man feel needed. It’s the quickest way to rekindle a lost interest in you and can turn your relationship around in no time at all.